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Shredded Paper Recycling Information And Ideas

Recycling Options

Paper shredders are not only good for shredding paper and destroying sensitive information, but the paper can also be re-used for other applications or be recycled. We would like to let you know what other people have done with their shredded paper and cardboard.

Ideas for Recycling

paper shredders

1.  Use shredded strip-cut paper for packaging.

In the past, people have purchased strip cut shredders to shred paper and create free packaging material. This is not a good idea if the shredded strips contain sensitive information. Cross-cut shredded documents are too messy and cannot be used.

2.  Industrial paper shredder balers for recycling paper.

Many large businesses will use industrial paper shredders to shred large volumes of paper. Shredded paper is often put through a baler, where it is compacted into a tight cube. These blocks of paper can then be transported to a paper recycling plant and be re-used.

3.  Cardboard shredders for packaging.

Cardboard shredders are primarily used to take space-consuming boxes and break them down into a more pliable material. The wafer-like cardboard can then be used as free packaging. Cardboard shredders are ideal for warehouses and shipping departments because they receive a lot of boxes and can ship a lot of packages.

4.  Use shredded strip-cut paper for animal bedding.

Many animal shelters will use strip-cut shredders to create bedding for dogs and other animals. Soiled paper can later be removed and replaced. This provides a cheap and inexpensive alternative for animal bedding.

5.  Cardboard shredders for horse bedding.

This may sound unbelievable, but we have even heard of people using shredded cardboard as horse bedding. This is a great idea if you have an abundance of boxes and need an alternative to hay.

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