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Paper Shredding Glossary Of Terms

paper shredders

Automatic Stop/Start - Some shredders feature an optical sensor that can detect paper. It will then turn the shredder on and off as needed.

Bag Full Indicator - Some shredders have a bag full indicator that lets you know the shredder is full and needs its bag to be changed.

Bin - Shredded paper ends up in the bin.

Casters - Casters are wheels attached to shredders that allow it to be moved from one location to another.

Cross-Cut - Cross cut shredders use a crisscross format to cut paper into small pieces.

Duty Cycle - A duty cycle is the amount of time a shredder can be used before it must be turned off and cooled down.

Footprint - This is the area a shredder will take up. If space is an issue, a smaller footprint may be required.

Hopper - Some shredders have a hopper. The hopper is a bin where crumpled paper can be dumped.

Horizontal Feed - A horizontal feed shredder has paper fed through the front of the machine, rather than the top.

Overload Protection - Many paper shredders have a sensor that will turn the shredder off if too much paper is fed at one time.

Reverse Function - The reverse function allows the user to change the motor from running forward to running in reverse. This is good if a paper jam occurs.

Sheet Capacity - This is the maximum amount of sheets a shredder can handle at any given time.

Shredder Speed - Shredder speed is the amount of paper that a shredder can destroy per minute/hour. This is usually measured in feet per minute.

Strip-Cut - Strip-cut is a type of shredding. Shredders that shred strip-cut shred the paper into long strips of paper.

Throat - The throat of a paper shredder is where the paper is placed before shredding. Different paper shredders have different throat widths.

Vertical Feed - Some shredders have paper fed through the top of the machine. This is a vertical feed.

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